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idm-Präsentation zu "Geflüchtete & Arbeitsmarktintegration" bei idm & IG Metall-Kooperationsveranstaltung am 11. März 2016

Präsentation Prof. Dr. Barbara Sieben: "Personal- und Organisationsforschung zu Gender & Diversity im deutschsprachigen Raum"

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• In general, IDM creates a space in which members can exchange views, expertise and experience in many different areas such as business, research, politics, NGOs and non-profit organisations.


• Ultimately, IDM wants to raise the consciousness of diversity, to improve its management and its corresponding skills. We foster and support Diversity Management in the conception and development of ideas and methods in the areas of training and education.

• IDM organises events such as congresses and forums, designs training programmes and curriculae, maintains contact with the media and finally, IDM offers a place to network where specialised knowledge and resources can be drawn on and made accessible to the public.

• IDM is committed to a respectful, appreciative discourse with all members and contacts of all persuasions. IDM has already documented this as a signatory of the "Charta der Vielfalt" (Diversity Charter) in Germany.

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